Project Experience

Mission Critical

48MW Datacenter, Chandler, AZ

I designed the electrical distribution for a 48MW (IT) data center located in south Chandler, AZ. The project included providing the electrical infrastructure for the 36 critical lineups from the existing on-campus medium voltage distribution to the PDUs and out to the IT racks

96MW Datacenter, Loudon County, VA

I designed the electrical distribution for a 48MW (IT) data center located in northern virginal. The project included coordinating with the local electrical utility company to provide 134MW of power with 72MW (48MW IT) slated for use under the phase 1 building.

18MW Datacenter Fit-Out, Chandler, AZ

This project included fitting out an existing shell space within an active datacenter building for 18 additional MW of IT. The project included providing (2) new 26MW medium voltage to serve the entire building to provide the required additional capacity for this phase. The project included all the electrical distribution from the medium voltage to the IT cabinets. 


Hydrogen R&D Renovation - Phoenix, AZ 

I led the design to renovate an existing building zoned primarily for office use into a Hydrogen research and development building. The project included tripling the amount of available power to the site to accommodate the increased power requirements. 

New Manufacturing Facility - Mesa, AZ 

I co-led the design for a 25,000 square foot office and industrial building complex. This building was built on an existing site owned by the client but was an entirely new and separate collection of buildings. Approximately half of the main building was dedicated to office (open, enclosed, conference rooms etc.) while the other half was dedicated to industrial manufacturing and assembly. All of the industrial equipment was shipped from the parent company in Japan. This required meticulous coordination with both the local user and the parent company technicians in order to assure that all the equipment was both UL 508 compliant and properly provided with the correct power points of connection.  The coordination with the owner here was vital as Japan uses different standard voltages and different terminology for various electrical unit than the United States. 

The building was fed from a 3000A, 480/277V service with the options to add additional services as needed for a possible future expansion. Provisions were added with this intent. Lighting was provided for the entire building, however, the lighting in the manufacturing portion of the building was, by far, the most important. Much of the work in that area is considered ‘small motion high precision’ work and required 80+ foot-candle average illumination (this is very bright) across the space. The area was lit from high above and had to be coordinated with the final equipment layout as to reduce any potential shadows. 

Existing Manufacturing Facility - Mesa, AZ

An existing facility fed via a dual 3000A, 480/277V bus duct system. I provided new tool hookups as needed. This required extensive research into the existing facility in order to provide accurate load calculations required for permitting. These tools were generally unique in both function and power requirements.  Tool types included items such as high powered x-rays, automated assembly skids, new mechanical equipment, robotic arms etc.


Marriott Henry Street Hotel, Kona, HI

I designed the power and lighting for a 78,000 sq-ft 132 unit hotel greenfield hotel. The project included providing power and lighting plans for all four floors and site power and lighting. 

Hospitality / Restaurants

New Golf Course Clubhouse - Wickenburg, AZ

I designed the power and lighting for a 40,000 sq-ft clubhouse located on a new Golf Course. The clubhouse included a medium sized kitchen to serve the attached indoor/outdoor restaurant and ball-room. The clubhouse also included a few thousand square-feet of office space. The project provisions in the electrical service and conduit pathways out to the golf course for future electrical connections. These were intended for use during medium to large concerts. Lighting included close collaboration and coordination with the project's interior designers in order to select architectural fixtures that fulfilled both the architectural vision while maintaining compliance with current energy codes.

New Dutch Bros. - Flagstaff, AZ

I provided a power and lighting design for a new Dutch Bros. Coffee building. The project included providing power points of connection for all the restaurant kitchen equipment and mechanical units. Lighting included compliance with the Dutch Bros. corporate standards while also conforming to required energy codes.

Small Tenant Improvements*

Yoga Studio - Flagstaff, AZ

2,660 square foot suite located within an existing multi-occupant building. I provided a design for basic power and lighting including power for specialized yoga wall heaters. New electrical load requirements had to be verified against the existing building load data in order to perform accurate load calculations required for permitting. 

Pet Club Stores -  Phoenix, AZ (and surrounding areas)

I provided new power and lighting for dog grooming facilities that were to be added to various spaces being renovated into Pet Clubs. I did several of these throughout the Phoenix metro area. The projects  ranged from only providing power and lighting to the the dog wash and groom area (approx 1,000 square feet) up to entire store remodels (approx 15,000 square-feet)

Insurance Suite, Scottsdale, AZ

This was an existing 1,500 square-foot suite that I provided with new power to  facilitate a new insurance office suite. The lighting was existing in the shell space, however, I relocated ~90% of the existing light fixtures in order to accommodate new wall and proposed desk locations. 

*There are hundreds more examples of small TI projects that I have performed but the above list provides a few examples.


New Hospital Imaging Wing - Banner - Phoenix, AZ

I designed new power and lighting for (3) MRI, (2) CTs and (2) X-Rays located within an existing hospital. This included providing new power connections to the new equipment from the existing hospital distribution system. I had to design all the interconnections from the existing system to the new equipment being sure to comply with both the manufacturer's requirements and local codes. I also provided all the spaces with new power and lighting.  All power distribution in patient spaces was designed per NEC 517 requirements. 

Dental Office Remodel - Scottsdale, AZ

This was a remodel of an existing 3,500 square foot office space to allow for a dental practice to occupy the space.  This included utilizing existing power distribution to feed new dental equipment. The front half of the space was mostly left as is but the entire back half was gutted and remodeled to create 8 exam rooms, one surgical suite, and a lab. New power and lighting was provided for all these spaces.

Pediatrics Office - Phoenix, AZ

This project included taking an existing building previously occupied by a Fresh & Easy and remodeling half of if for a new pediatrics office. The new office included 16 exam rooms, 4 restrooms, 2 nurses stations, doctor's offices, a server/IT rack,  admin spaces etc. The major stake holders wanted to make sure that there was special attention paid to the feel of the space. Great efforts were made on the lighting design to assure that the space, while being well lit, didn't feel like your typical overly sterile bland healthcare environment. This required extra coordination with the architect and end user to make sure everyone was happy with the final fixture selection and placement all without blowing the budget. All power distribution in patient spaces was designed per NEC 517 requirements so far as they were applicable. 

Workplace / Office Environment

Existing ASU Full Building Renovations - Tempe, AZ

I led the electrical design for the complete renovation of 2 buildings 90,000 and 100,000 square feet respectively on the ASU campus.  One of the buildings was 30+ years old and the other was just shy of 60 years old. Most of the electrical equipment in both buildings was well past its end of life and was in desperate need of replacement.  The project included gutting one of the buildings of all the interior electrical power distribution equipment (panelboards, distribution boards, branch circuits etc.). The only portions of the electrical system that were still in good shape were the two existing electrical service entrance sections (SES). I removed approximately 90% of the obsolete electrical equipment and provided the buildings with all new power distribution and lighting.  I designed power connections for custom office furniture, break-rooms, existing elevators, IT closets, open office spaces, enclosed offices and new mechanical systems.  I provided a lighting system that preserved the feeling of the existing space while simultaneously improving the overall lighting levels, complying with current energy codes and IES and ASU standards. 

A main point of this project was to provide the users with a space that was extremely inviting to both faculty and students. The lighting layout ended up being one of the most important aspects of the entire project. Working with the architects, designers, users and contractors on board we designed a system that was both architecturally pleasing, constructible with the existing building, provided uniform illumination and allowed for a modern feel while paying tribute to the building's existing history. 

Conservation Training and Office Center - Flagstaff, AZ

I provided lighting and power design for an existing 7,700 square-foot existing building renovation project. The building was originally an ice skating rink that we renovated into an office and supply building.  The renovated building included new power and lighting for new offices (both open and enclosed) as well as a conservation training center. The building was also provided new power and lighting for a workshop area. The service on the building was existing but all the interior power distribution was new under this project.

 Multifamily Residential

New High End Town homes - Scottsdale, AZ

I provided lighting and power distribution for a new multifamily/town home complex. The complex included 64 new apartment town homes spread across 11 buildings. Units were approximately 1,900 square feet. There were 4 to 6 units per building. There was an additional building that contained 4 additional units ranging from 2200 to 4060 square feet and a shell space for future retail space. 

Existing 259 Unit Renovation - Los Angeles, CA

I provided load calculations and branch circuits to add a washer/dryer combination unit and microwave to 259 apartment units all fed from a single 5000A, 208/120V service. Units ranged from 450-900 square-feet. 

Single Family Residential

Various Projects

I wont bore you with listing out several dozen residential projects that I've done. I have performed everything from a simple load calculation to prove existing electrical services are sufficient to providing electrical one-line diagrams, panel schedules and load calculations for architects to full blown plan sheets including power and lighting layouts for the entire residence. Whatever you are looking for within the realm of residential I have experience with. For specific requirements or questions feel free to call or email me. 

The list of projects on this page only represent a small portion of the projects I have worked on. These have been selected in order to give an example of the types of projects I have experience executing. If you have a project that varies  significantly from the projects listed above please don't hesitate to reach out to me anyway.  I am always anxious for a challenge. 
Disclaimer: Some of the projects listed above I worked on while employed by other firms however all projects listed were either led  (electrically speaking) entirely by me or in large part by me. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions.