My Mission Statement

Design is more than just producing drawings and specifications. It is a process that requires expertise and collaboration. Delays and inaccessibility of other consultants can slow down the project and strain relationships with clients. That's why I am dedicated to providing prompt and reliable service throughout the design and construction phases.

As a consultant, I am committed to ensuring that your ideas are transformed into accurate and compliant electrical construction documents, including power, lighting, grounding, fire alarm, and low voltage systems. I will work closely with you to create a set of documents that meet your needs and budget. With my extensive experience and commitment to quality, you can be confident that the design process will be seamless and successful.

Tim Schnepf, Principal Electrical Engineer

Areas of Expertise

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Construction Documents


I can provide sealed engineered drawings for the following:

Drawings will be delivered as digitally signed PDF documents.  Wet sealed drawings can be provided when required by AHJ or other contract requirements. 


Sheet specifications or full book specifications will be provided depending on the complexity of the project and your preference.


Most projects will require electrical calculations to back up the design. Depending on project size, complexity and your preference these calculations can either be included within the construction document set or provided separately. I can provide electrical calculations including:

If you are wondering what these are or why they are important feel free to check out the FAQ.

Any additional requirements can be discussed on a per project basis. I will make every effort to provide you with what you need to obtain a permit from whomever the authority having jurisdiction is. 

Construction Administration

I can provide construction administration services as well. Depending on the project requirements we can discuss whether a time and materials or flat fee service makes more sense. 

Services include:

Special Inspections

Per P.B.C.C. 1705.19 the City of Phoenix requires special inspections for certain types of installations. Tim Schnepf is a registered Special Inspector with the City of Phoenix for Electrical Inspections and can provide this service.


I prefer to work within the Revit environment. I feel that building information modeling (BIM) is the future of our industry. I can, however, work with AutoCAD backgrounds as well if that is more your flavor. Whatever your drawing format preference I will provide you a full set of PDF electrical construction documents ready for permitting and bid.


Please send all requests for fee proposals to the email listed below or feel free to call with any specific requests or questions. I will make every effort to answer all emails and return any phone calls within 24 hours if not sooner (I aim not to leave any email or phone call unanswered for more than 4 hours, however due to the nature of the business that is not always possible) In this industry I know you are looking for answers and solutions quick and I intend to provide them.

Email :

Tel/Text: 602.935.1422